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Cold. Wet. Hungry. Those three words describe “Megan” before she was discovered by the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Fast forward to 4 years later, and now renamed “Bella” is a thriving, happy and healthy member of the GO TEAM Therapy dogs. Bella is now a proud member of Team Tampa Bay and loves to provide […]

Heather & Bella – Team Tampa Bay Bella

Shadow is an adorable shitzu dachshund mix with boundless energy. He loves to play fetch and chase squirrels. Despite his rough past of living in over 3 homes, he is now loving life as a member of Team Tampa Bay of the GO TEAM Therapy Dogs. Shadow loves to travel the state of Florida showering […]

Veronica & Shadow – Team Tampa Bay Shadow

Hello! I have my little girl Grace and she and I were among the first in all of Florida to join Go Team in September 2015. I was so thrilled with the class and testing. We had only 7 dogs that first weekend and none of us knew what to expect. After that, I was […]

Elena & Grace – Team Tampa Bay Gracie

My Max’s story: Max was tied to a rope for the first 9 years of his life.  He was abandoned and taken in by animal control.  A neighbor called Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue fearing he would be put down. He was heart worm positive and in poor condition.  His fosters cared for him from […]

Tonya & Max – Team Detroit Max Working

Where does one begin when talking about such an awesome organization such as the GO TEAM Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs? Well, let me tell you I have seen the impact these animals can make in a person’s life and that is the right place to start. Sissy, a Belgian Malinois, was never like the […]

Tim & Sissy – Team Colorado Pic. of Sissy

When my doctor recommended a service dog I said no. She assured us it would make a great difference. So we put our name on a waiting list and kept getting pushed down the list. 5 year wait. Saw a beautiful Sit Means Sit Dog Training dog at the mall and they talked to my […]

Mary Kaye and Teddy – Team Colorado Teddy and Marry

It was two months into my Therapy Dog journey that I made the decision to make a hospital visit with Bella Rose.  We went to visit a special lady in my life who at the time had only days left on this earth.  She loved Bella Rose.  So we hopped on the elevator and up […]

Marsha and Bella Rose – Team Ohio Go Team Logo Small

It’s hard to pick one; we have had so many impactful interactions with seniors, adults, teens and kids. One that stands out is a visit to memory care at an assisted living facility. We had visited several times and one of the residents had lost her ability to form words. She just spoke gibberish. This […]

Debbie and Sassy – Team Georgia