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I cannot even begin to explain how fulfilling it has been for me to share the joy, love and contentment with others that Ace and Bo bring to me. They can make you smile or lick your tears. Being with the GO TEAM Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs has warmed my heart, humbled me and […]

Pam, Bo, and Ace – Team Colorado Pam and Dogs

The GO TEAM Therapy-Crisis-Airport Dogs is a way for our family to give back to my community. We have traveled all over the United States attending training and volunteering. Just the smiles on the people we meet, warms your heart and makes everything worthwhile. We can’t wait for our next adventure!

Nancy & Tabor, Ryan & Snickers -Team Colorado

The go team has been an enlightening experience for Fred and I. We never thought that Belle would be happy visiting strangers in facilities, allowing strangers to pet her, talk to her, etc. It’s amazing. When she sees her vest she get extremely excited knowing we will be going out. Seeing our Belle make people […]

Betty and Fred – Team Washington

I make weekly visits to a low socio-economic elementary school. First visit, a year ago, had me doing reading groups with two 3rd grade classes. In between, the principal asked if I could come into the hallway. A 4th grader had a bad asthma attack and was feeling anxious. As I stood in the hallway […]

Carla, Mark and Indiana Jones (AKA Indy) – Team Colorado Picture of Indy

For almost 4 years now we have been a part of the Go Team therapy group.  Pepper and I have been going to Cedar Springs Psychiatric Hospital since the beginning visiting twice a week when we can.  We visit patients from little kids to adults.  It doesn’t matter the age of the person, they love […]

Lori, Steve, Pepper and future Go Team member Maya – Team Colorado Pepper with Soldier

Cold. Wet. Hungry. Those three words describe “Megan” before she was discovered by the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Fast forward to 4 years later, and now renamed “Bella” is a thriving, happy and healthy member of the GO TEAM Therapy dogs. Bella is now a proud member of Team Tampa Bay and loves to provide […]

Heather & Bella – Team Tampa Bay Bella

Shadow is an adorable shitzu dachshund mix with boundless energy. He loves to play fetch and chase squirrels. Despite his rough past of living in over 3 homes, he is now loving life as a member of Team Tampa Bay of the GO TEAM Therapy Dogs. Shadow loves to travel the state of Florida showering […]

Veronica & Shadow – Team Tampa Bay Shadow

Hello! I have my little girl Grace and she and I were among the first in all of Florida to join Go Team in September 2015. I was so thrilled with the class and testing. We had only 7 dogs that first weekend and none of us knew what to expect. After that, I was […]

Elena & Grace – Team Tampa Bay Gracie