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Max Working

My Max’s story:

Max was tied to a rope for the first 9 years of his life.  He was abandoned and taken in by animal control.  A neighbor called Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue fearing he would be put down.
He was heart worm positive and in poor condition.  His fosters cared for him from February 2015 until he was ready for adoption.  In September of 2015 I met Max and we immediately bonded.  
He has not been without some issues.  He didn’t like being startled and was dog aggressive to some intact males.  I got him into Sit Means It and resolved his issues (and mine).  Throughout our learning I found that the one thing he really wanted was to be petted.  He would go to nearly every person he met and lean against them for attention.
With help from Nancy I learned in the training how to protect my dog from being stepped on (which had happened with my niece and he woke up with a bite reaction).  I also learned what events he was comfortable with – adults are good, kids are funny looking sheep that need to be chased and herded!
Because of his training and involvement with Go Team he is a much more complete dog, and I’m a much more insightful owner!