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Pic. of Sissy

Where does one begin when talking about such an awesome organization such as the GO TEAM Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs?

Well, let me tell you I have seen the impact these animals can make in a person’s life and that is the right place to start. Sissy, a Belgian Malinois, was never like the other ones in her litter. She has always been a very sweet dog though originally, we had different plans for her however, Nancy saw her potential as a therapy dog. Nancy convinced us, and we have never looked back from that day.

It has had a profound impact on the people that have met Sissy they all love how sweet she is especially the police officers it seems! Sissy and I have done many GO TEAM events over the years since we passed and became a certified team, but the hardest and most rewarding ones are the crisis events. Watching the people just crowd around her while she is getting all the loving and these people start to open up about how the event has affected them and start the healing process is sometimes the most rewarding thing you can witness. Thank you GO TEAM and Nancy!