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Teddy and Marry

When my doctor recommended a service dog I said no. She assured us it would make a great difference. So we put our name on a waiting list and kept getting pushed down the list. 5 year wait.
Saw a beautiful Sit Means Sit Dog Training dog at the mall and they talked to my husband. They suggested getting a puppy so it would adhere to my needs. Mackenzie Aeberli and Cindy Hunt from Colorado Springs were a great help. They recommend a Wheaten Terrier. Matt worked it out with Pet City and then SMS for training. Mackenzie Aeberli would take Teddy for overnight and additional training.
I was still learning how to walk freely so I my husband did most of the training. Then they introduced us to Nancy Trepagnier. She is the best trainer, not only very knowledgeable but compassionate and thoughtful. Nancy liked Matt but insisted I work with Teddy so he would learn to go at my pace and able to follow my commands. Slow and steady progress.
Nancy has become a very patient friend. She has and continues to invest in us. I am more confident and stronger. Teddy and I speak at brain care facilities and universities.
My speech is slow and soft so the E-collar is a huge help.
Nancy has shared about her son David who also had an invisible disability.
If you were to look at me you would never know I have a disability until I move or speak. I am just a little slow, NOT DRUNK 🤪

So, in my free time…. The therapy/Service dog group we have been trained with is undergoing changes. The old nonprofit is dissolving and a new nonprofit as been formed to take over operations, and I happen to be a founding board member. We’re still building out the website, but this is our testimony. Lots of work done – lots to be done. But, worth it. Definitely worth it.