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What has Go Team done for Hope and I?

Since January, 2009 when I rescued Hope, whenever I have faced adversity in my life Hope has been by my side. Hope is such a great companion. Everyday I look forward to the special time we share together. She instinctually knows what I am feeling, shares the excitement life brings and comforts me through disappointments. Since we started Go Team it has been very rewarding to see others enjoy Hope in much the same way I do.

When Hope first came to live with me she lacked confidence. I would reach to pet her and she would duck away, I would invite her to sit on my lap to cuddle and she would go lay on her pillow alone. When a male would initiate an interaction with Hope, she would run and hide. When my other dogs tried to include Hope in their puppy games, she would separate herself from the group and play alone. Since we started Go Team Hope displays a high degree of confidence in the way she carries herself, and there isn’t anyone she doesn’t want to meet or interact with.

Through all of the Go Team events we participate in, and volunteering in the Paws To Read program at Penrose Library on Saturday mornings, we now have a feeling of connection to our community. The Go Team has given both Hope and I a forum to give back, and that feels GREAT.

The Go Team is such a positive experience, and something we both look forward to participating in for years to come.
Thank you for everything you do for us.