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The GO TEAM has been a wonderful experience for both Turner and me. From the testing process to attending events representing the GO TEAM, it has been an enjoyable adventure. Working with the dedicated owners and their canine companions at special events, a nursing home, a library is a heart-warming experience. When you see the smiles on children’s faces, or you see a child lay on the floor with a dog and wrap their arms around that dog, or see a child pick up a small dog and hold that dog to them makes you so proud to be a part of the GO TEAM. And it is not only the young children that enjoy the dogs. One of my favorite places visited was a nursing home, and how happy the residents were to see, pet, hold and talk to the dogs. So many of them commented about their own dogs they had prior to going into the facility. It was humbling.
But the best part is to look at the canines on the GO TEAM; dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes and you are proud of each and every one of them, just like they were your own dog, for what they do – Make people happy!