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It’s hard to pick one; we have had so many impactful interactions with seniors, adults, teens and kids. One that stands out is a visit to memory care at an assisted living facility. We had visited several times and one of the residents had lost her ability to form words. She just spoke gibberish. This one time I told Sassy to say hello (her comand to approach) and told Virginia “Sassy loves you”. Virginia looked at me then at Sassy and said “I love you”. The staff was amazed that she had actually formed  words out of the gibberish. The next time we visited I told Sassy to say goodbye to Virginia. She looked at Sassy and said “I love you goodbye”. Virginia hasn’t spoken anything but gibberish since but she still reacts every time we visit.
Our dogs have an impact wherever they go; even if it’s un-noticed. They definitely have an impact. 😚