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Picture of Indy

I make weekly visits to a low socio-economic elementary school. First visit, a year ago, had me doing reading groups with two 3rd grade classes. In between, the principal asked if I could come into the hallway. A 4th grader had a bad asthma attack and was feeling anxious. As I stood in the hallway talking to mom and the principal, the girl petted Indy. After a few minutes she said, “Indy is making me feel calmer.” After reading, we went to the principal’s office and sat with the homeless boy, arms crossed and withdrawn, who’d been in a fight during recess. After Indy insisted on getting petted, he opened up and said someone was watching their dogs because they couldn’t keep them because they were living in their car…. After he left, I was talking to the principal and getting ready to leave when I heard a kid wailing down the hallway. There was a knock on his door and the counselor, whom we’d met when we first arrived, asked if Indy could come to her office. She opened her door and this kid was in full meltdown – red face, yelling at the top of his lungs, tears streaming down his face. He saw Indy and immediately stopped crying. Five minutes later, he was laughing as he watched Indy doing puppy push-ups. The counselor told me later he was fine the rest of the day. Since then, we usually hang out in the counselor’s office and work with kids who are struggling. Time and again, the counselor will bring in a struggling student, Indy does his magic, and the counselor tells me they go from having a bad day to being fine the rest of the day.  Our dogs have an amazing impact.  This picture shows Indy getting some love in the counselor’s office.